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Pre-Workout Ingredients Matter: Here’s Why

Have you ever wondered if the ingredients in your pre-workout really have an effect on the performance of your workout? Well, I’m here to tell you that it does. There are so many pre-workouts on the market that are full of impractical ingredients. You deserve a top-quality product that delivers great results. So, if you are unsure of what to look for when picking out your next pre, here are the best pre workout ingredients that will be sure to benefit your gains in the gym.


Alphasize plays an important role in cognition and overall mental performance. So, how does it work? It works by crossing the blood-brain barrier quickly and increasing the free plasma choline levels as well as acetylcholine levels in your brain. This is key and helps with muscular contractions, cognitive function, memory, and heart-beat regulation. Other benefits of alphasize include cell-to-cell communication, memory boost and recollection, elevated energy levels and mood, maximized concentration and focus, and raised muscular power output.


L-Citrulline is vital for heart and blood vessel health and plays a big role in boosting the immune system. So, what are the main effects of L-Citrulline? It produces nitric oxide within the body, which aids in relaxing the arteries. This ingredient ensures not only improved blood flow but also plays a part in the urea cycle. This cycle is a process where the body gets rid of all toxic byproducts that come from consuming protein. Other benefits include enhanced physical performance, improved heart health, and a reduction in free radicals.


Glycerpump is a new and improved glycerol that provides more glycerol per gram than the original. With this ingredient, you can expect an increase in endurance, hydration, muscle fullness, and, of course, muscle pumps. Glycerpump is known to reduce the negative effects of dehydration. By allowing your muscles to retain more water, you can be sure to stay hydrated throughout your entire workout.

Did you know all three of these ingredients are included in our Lights Out pre-workout formula? Knowing what's in your pre-workout matters and has a huge impact on your performance in the gym. Don’t settle for those nonsense ingredients. Choose a brand that focuses on your body and your gains. Take your physique goals to the next level and shop Lights Out Labs today for the best pre workout on the market.

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