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Very good product for daily driver and pumps. The flavor is like drinking a blueberry muffin which is spot on flavor wise but also kinda weird she gets old after a while if you use it every day. INSANE PUMPS THOUGH! Good energy and not much of a crash and would definitely recommend.


Very good

Best Pre I’ve had

Honestly amazing pre best I’ve had. The pumps are amazing

Slow delivery almost a week not 2-3 business days

Awesome prework out

Not only did the flavor taste good, kept me going my entire work out. Lost track of time and just kept going. By far the strongest pre I have had. Plus side so far, no crash after. Great stuff!!

Crazy Pre

This has to be one of the best labels I’ve seen. With that said, it’s not a smooth drink. Also, Day 1, I went with the full scoop and I felt like throwing up for several hours. However, I did have an incredible workout. I’ll start using just a half a scoop which still packs a punch.

Good pumps, okay flavor

Flavor isn’t everything, but these pumps you get with this make up for it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Best preworkout

Honestly love this pre workout. My favorite out of many I’ve tried. The only thing I’m a little iffy about it the flavor, it just seems a little chalky too me.

Gummy candy

Works very well, taste is good. Could maybe be a little less chalky but it mixes well. Overall great product and definitely a great job

High quality product

The thing that I observed and enjoyed the most was the sustained energy throughout the workout and halfway through the workout it was almost like a second wave of energy came over me. Even when I was fatigued it gave me the extra edge to push through the workout. Pumps were really good as well. Would recommend 16oz of water with it to get all the powder mixed in.

Definitely worth it!

Flavor was amazing and not chalky like some other pre workouts out there. The pump it gives was insane as well.


So far the whole package pre workout. Well balanced benefits.


Pump is insane. Mental focus is there, really allows you to feel the muscle to mind connection. Compared to Gorilla which is what i use, it’s really better. Would be great for PR day.

Taste, Peformance, Effects

Now the taste is horrible but the pump I got from it was amazing it was probably the best bicep pump I have ever had. My only problems with this product is the taste and the fact it sucks to mix but also you get so itchy from this it sucks but the pump makes up for it all so overall still a good pre!

Taste and consistency is pretty bad

Good pump, good energy, good focus, good price

Definitely taste like blueberry muffin… the focus is a 9/10 and the pump is definitely a 10/10… highly recommended

The worst tasting pre workout I have ever had. Should be a protein flavor.

The flavor is not the best Whats so ever but doable if you just down it. The bottle I got was clumpy upon arrival had to break it down for a while using a spoon.

Best I've ever had

I've tried over 50 different pre workouts and this is the best i have ever found. Definitely a lifetime customer.

Game changing pre!!!

This pre got me focused with only half a scoop, can’t wait to see the full dosage does! Will buy again 10/10

Lights out

Haven’t tried it out yet myself but whoever I first opened it the pre was chunky and clumped up

The taste wasn't all that great and made me throw up a couple times. The pumps were good but not worth feeling nauseous during my whole workout.

They have an awesome formula

High quality pre. Not like most of the products you'll find on the internet. Cant wait for the next product!!

Great product